How to List an Item:

1 - Ensure you are logged in by submitting your email and password under the "Log In" form in the top right header of the page. When you are logged in, the words "Log In" will change to "Your Profile".

2 - Click the "Your Profile" link.

3 - Click the "Add an Item" link at the bottom of the Profile menu.

4 - Fill out the "Item" form. There is a link in the top left that takes you back to the website if you need to leave the page. Now let's go through the form from top to bottom.
    - Under "Collection" click the link that says "Select your collection, or personalized category if you are a premium subscriber". You should see your collection listed. Click it.
    - Under "Basic Information" you fill out the Name of Item, as you normally do on Collectivator.
    - "Status" will be default set to "For Sale", but you can change it if needed. When you sell an item, for instance, you would edit this form again and select "Sold".
    - NEW drop down menu to select era of your item. Is your item Antique (made before 1920) or Vintage (made between 1920 - 1980)?  Choose one. Each era has it's own page ("Browse Antiques" / "Browse Vintage") with categories. This will help highlight more stock while also empowering visitors to focus on what interests them. The homepage and the search results will have all stock no matter what era.
    - Depending on if you selected "Antique" or "Vintage" the next drop down menu called "Age" will give you a selection of possible ages. Give your best estimate to the age of the item.
    - The "Category" drop down menu features an expanded list of categories. Please read them all and choose the appropriate category for your item.
    - "Long Description" is where you will put all the details about your item. This is improved. You will notice now that you can use the little editor icons on the bottom of the text box. "B" is for bolded text, "I" for italics and "U" for underline. Just highlight the text you want to change and click the icon to change it. No more html tags!
    - Enter the "Price" and currency. It will automatically format with dollar sign.
    - In the "Add Images" section you click the box that says "Click to Add". The File Manager box should appear. Choose your image file and add it. It may take a few seconds to upload bigger images. Once one image has uploaded successfully, you will see a thumbnail of that image and another box where you can "Click to Add" another image. Upload as many images as you want. Once they are all there, you can click and drag the images to put them in a specific order. The first image listed will be the main image, and this is the one people see on the category pages and search results. Thumbnails are square, so it is best to have a clear and fairly square image of the whole object as your first image.
    - Private Notes are unseen by anyone except you and the admins. Good for stock or pricing notes.

5 - Click "Publish Page" to post the item